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Anyone who operates a motor vehicle on public streets and roads in Kansas is required to have a driver's license or driving permit. All applicants are required to pass a vision test. The KS DMV knowledge test consists of written questions on Kansas traffic laws, road signs, road rules and safe driving practices. The test is based on the information contained in the Kansas Driver's Manual, and consists of 25 multiple-choice questions. You need 20 correct answers (80%) to pass. Practice with this sample test to familiarize yourself with the format of the Kansas DMV driver's license test.
1. Motorcyclists have the right to:
use a complete traffic lane.
share a traffic lane with a vehicle.
use the shoulder of a roadway.
2. When they see this sign, drivers:
slippery road sign
need to be prepared to turn right and then left quickly.
should not speed up or brake quickly.
should be prepared to make sharp turns at a high speed.
3. Drivers should change lanes:
gradually and carefully.
as quickly as possible.
4. If you hear a thumping sound while driving, you should:
get off the road and check your tires.
hook your shoe under the gas pedal and see if you can free it.
try your emergency lights.
5. This road sign means:
yield ahead sign
Yield sign ahead
Side road entering from the left
Side road ahead
6. If you see a “lane closed ahead” sign you should:
merge into the correct lane when it is safe.
make a U-turn. You are on the wrong side of the road.
speed to the end of the closed lane and try to get into the other lane.
7. When approaching a construction site, drivers should:
slow down and adjust their driving behavior.
honk their horn to alert construction workers of their presence.
accelerate to get out of the way quickly.
8. It is unlawful­ to:
pass within 150 feet of any railroad crossing.
pass within 250 feet of any intersection.
exceed the posted speed limit when passing.
9. What type of pavement marking shows you which lane you must use for a turn?
Edge line
10. This road sign means:
reduction of lanes sign
Merge right
Reduction in lanes
Stop sign ahead
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KS DMV Knowledge Test Facts

Number of questions: 25
Correct answers to pass:20
Passing score:80%
Minimum age to apply: 14
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