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Operating a motorcycle safely requires special skills and knowledge. To earn your motorcycle license in Kentucky, you must pass a knowledge test and an on-cycle skill test. Knowledge test questions are based on information from the Kentucky Motorcycle Operator Manual. The test consists of 30 questions, and you must score at least 24 to pass.
1. The coolant and brake hydraulic fluid levels should be checked:
once every three months.
when carrying passengers.
2. To deal with a sticky throttle on your motorcyle, you should first:
operate the engine cut-off switch.
twist the throttle back and forth several times.
apply the rear brake.
apply the front brake.
3. The safest formation when riding in a group is:
the single-file formation.
the staggered formation.
the L-formation.
in pairs.
4. You are approaching a turn and need to change gears. When should you change gears?
After entering the turn
During the turn
Before entering the turn
At any point before, after, or during the turn
5. To stop as quickly and as safely as possible in a curve, try to:
get the motorcycle as perpendicular to the road as possible.
grab the front brake.
lean as much as possible.
increase your speed through the curve.
6. When riding in a group, inexperienced riders should be placed:
in front of the leader.
in the middle of the group.
behind the leader.
in front of the last rider.
7. ______ a common factor in motorcycle collisions.
Bad drivers are
Seasonal changes are
Traffic signals are
Not being seen is
8. If you are chased by a dog:
approach the animal slowly, then speed up.
kick it away.
stop until the animal loses interest.
swerve around the animal.
9. Where is a crash most likely to occur?
On multi-lane roads.
In school zones.
At intersections.
In residential areas.
10. Knowing when and how to stop or swerve are two critical skills in avoiding a crash. Most riders involved in a crash:
underbrake the front tire and overbrake the rear.
separate braking from swerving.
underbrake the rear tire and overbrake the front.
overbrake the rear tire and pull in the clutch.
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KY Motorcycle Test

Number of questions: 30
Correct answers to pass:24
Passing score:80%
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