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Riding a motorcycle requires special skills and knowledge beyond those required for driving a car. To earn your motorcycle license in Minnesota, you must pass both a knowledge test and an on-cycle skill test. The knowledge test includes questions on driving laws, safe driving practices and rules of the road, as well as information specific to two-wheeled vehicles. In addition to the Minnesota Motorcycle Manual, you should study the Minnesota Driver’s Manual. The knowledge test consists of 40 questions, and you'll need 32 or more correct answers to pass (80%).
1. Motorcycles are harder to see than cars because:
They are much faster.
Motorcyclists wear helmets.
They have a smaller profile
Most motorcyclists ride at night.
2. When passing another vehicle, you should:
ride through the blind spot as quickly as possible.
move into the right lane and accelerate.
move as far left as possible.
make eye contact with the driver.
3. The front brake is operated by ________________ .
the left hand lever
the right foot pedal
the right hand lever
the left foot pedal
4. When you are riding, your clothing should be protective and:
loose fitting.
tight fitting.
completely cover your arms and legs.
made of an approved material.
5. To stop as quickly and as safely as possible in a curve, try to:
grab the front brake.
get the motorcycle as perpendicular to the road as possible.
increase your speed through the curve.
lean as much as possible.
6. In _________ turns, lean the motorcycle only and keep your body straight.
slow tight
7. You should check the tires on your motorcycle:
every time you ride.
once a week.
once a month.
at the start of every season.
8. When riding a motorcycle, you use your arms primarily:
to steer the motorcycle.
to apply the front brake.
to hold yourself up.
to make hand signals.
9. To help with your balance as you turn the motorcycle:
slow down before through turn.
drag the rear brake.
shift down through the gears with the clutch.
keep your knees against the gas tank.
10. You should adjust your mirrors:
after starting the motorcycle.
before getting on the motorcycle.
after you have started riding.
before starting the motorcycle.
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MN Motorcycle Test Facts

Number of questions: 40
Correct answers to pass:32
Passing score:80%
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