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To earn your motorcycle license in New Mexico, you must pass a knowledge test and an on-cycle skills test. Knowledge test questions are based on information from the New Mexico Motorcycle Operator Manual. They require that you know and understand road rules and safe riding practices. The New Mexico motorcycle test consists of 25 questions. To pass you must correctly answer at least 20 questions (80%).
1. Motorcycle collisions are most frequent:
in school zones.
on multi-lane highways.
on entrance ramps.
at intersections.
2. To keep the motorcycle steady through a turn, you should:
maintain or decrease your speed.
decrease your speed.
maintain or increase your speed.
speed up.
3. Maximum straight-line braking is accomplished by:
fully applying both front and rear brakes without locking either wheel.
applying only the front brake.
applying both brakes until the rear wheel locks.
applying the front brake and then the rear brake.
4. When riding with passengers, as you approach a stop you should:
tell the passenger to put their feet on the ground.
wait for a small gap to cross, enter, or merge in traffic.
maintain a smaller space cushion around you.
start slowing earlier.
5. A motorcycle rider who approaches an intersection:
must yield the right-of-way vehicles trying to share the lane.
has the right-of-way over traffic already in the intersection.
must yield the right-of-way to traffic already in the intersection.
must drive straight through the intersection, even if another vehicle is already in the intersection.
6. You can prevent and overcome fatigue on motorcycle rides by:
Taking frequent rest breaks.
Limiting the length of your trip.
Protecting yourself from the elements.
All of the above.
7. You should start your motorcycle in:
first gear.
second gear.
third gear.
8. The right foot pedal controls:
the clutch.
the rear brake.
the front brake.
the throttle.
9. When riding, motoryclists should wear clothing that:
is sufficiently tight.
completely covers arms and legs.
is made of approved materials.
is comfortable.
10. When you are properly seated on a motorcycle, your arms should be:
at a 90-degree angle.
bent slightly.
positioned with your elbows locked.
positioned with your hands above your elbows.
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NM DMV Motorcycle Test

Number of questions: 25
Correct answers to pass:20
Passing score:80%
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