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To get an unrestricted motorcycle endorsement in Oregon, you must take a vision test and the DMV motorcycle knowledge test. You must also have a valid (or expired less than one year) motorcycle instruction permit or present a Team Oregon Basic Rider Training course completion card. The OR DMV knowledge test is based on the information in the Oregon Motorcycle Manual manual and the questions are multiple choice. The Oregon motorcycle test consists of 25 questions, and you'll need at least 20 correct answers to pass (80%). If you have a valid motorcycle endorsement from another state, you are not required to take the motorcycle knowledge or skills tests.
1. If you accidentally lock the rear brake on a good traction surface:
keep it locked until you have stopped.
release the rear brake and apply the front brake firmly.
check the throttle cable.
immediately operate the engine cut-off switch.
2. You can help keep your balance while riding by:
keeping your knees against the gas tank.
locking your elbows.
sitting as far back as possible.
wearing light weight riding gear.
3. Because operation of a motorcycle is more tiring than the operation of a car, you should:
keep riding even if you are tired.
avoid drinking water.
eat foods high in carbohydrate.
take frequent breaks.
4. Driving a motorcycle is ____________ driving a car.
as tiring as
less tiring than
less tiring at night than
more tiring than
5. To cross railroad tracks, you should:
turn to take the tracks head-on.
cross at a 30-degree angle.
cross at a 10-degree angle.
ride straight within your lane.
6. When being passed by another vehicle, avoid being hit by:
objects thrown from windows.
blasts of wind.
extended side mirrors.
All of the above.
7. When negotiating a turn, motorcyclists should:
look through the turn to where you want to go.
press on the handle grip in the direction of the turn.
reduce their speed before the turn by rolling off the throttle and, if necessary, applying both brakes.
All the other answers are correct.
8. The best lane position to ride in is:
the right lane position.
the left lane position.
the one where you are most likely to be seen.
the center lane position.
9. When riding long distances, you should stop and get off the motorcycle at least every:
four hours.
two hours.
round trip.
30 miles.
10. Wear ___________ clothing to increase your chances of being seen.
brightly-colored or reflective
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OR Motorcycle Permit Test

Number of questions: 25
Correct answers to pass:20
Passing score:80%
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