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A learner's permit, also known as learner license, allows student drivers to legally practice while accompanied by a licensed driver. Applicants who are under the age of 25 are required to complete an approved driver education course. To get a driving license in Texas, you must pass a written and driving test in addition to a vision screening. The Texas DMV knowledge test covers the information found in the Texas Driver's Manual, and includes questions on road rules, traffic laws, road signs, and safe driving practices. The Texas DMV written test consists of 30 questions, and you must correctly answer at least 21 questions (70%) to pass. Practice with this sample test and study the manual to get ready for the official Texas driver's license test.
1. Which of the following is a defensive driving skill/technique?
Do not drive if you are very weary.
Maintain the correct speed.
Keep your vehicle in good condition.
All of the above.
2. Aggressive drivers:
tailgate other vehicles and make improper lane changes.
are high risk drivers.
run stop signs.
All of the above.
3. Braking distance is affected by:
the speed your vehicle is traveling.
pavement conditions.
the condition of your brakes and tires.
All of the above.
4. On what three conditions does your blood alcohol content (BAC) depend?
Your weight. How much alcohol you drink. How much time passes between drinks.
How fit you are. How much alcohol you drink. Your height.
Your weight. The type of beverage you drink. How fit you are.
Your height. How much alcohol you drink. The type of beverage you drink.
5. Which of the following is NOT true about ABS?
It improves the vehicle stability.
It helps increase your stopping distance.
It improves the steering ability.
It's an automobile safety system.
6. Your BAC depends on:
your weight.
how much alcohol you drink.
how much time passes between drinks.
All of the above.
7. This road sign means:
traffic signal ahead sign
4-way stop ahead
Lane closed for traffic
Stop before turning right
There is a traffic signal ahead
8. Drive below the posted speed limit when:
entering a highway where there are other cars.
others drive below the speed limit.
anything makes conditions less than perfect.
you are on a four lane road.
9. A flashing red light means:
Go, but yield the right-of-way to other traffic at the intersection.
The same as a STOP sign.
Drive with caution.
The light will soon change to steady red.
10. An edge line that angles toward the center of the road indicates that:
the road is narrower ahead.
you must turn right.
there’s a narrow bridge ahead.
None of the above.
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TX DMV Written Test Facts

Number of questions: 30
Correct answers to pass:21
Passing score:70%
Minimum age to apply: 15
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