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Anyone who operates a motor vehicle or motorcycle on public roadways in Georgia is required to have a driver license. The Georgia DMV written test is based on the information contained in the Georgia DDS Driver's Manual. The GA DDS written knowledge test consists of 40 questions in total. The road signs test consists of 20 questions about standard signs, signals and markers. The road rules test consists of 20 questions about traffic laws and safe driving practices. You must score 75% or higher on both tests to pass. All cell phones, text messaging devices, and other types of wireless devices are prohibited in the testing area.
1. This sign means:
divided highway ends sign
Drivers are coming to a point where another traffic lane joins the one they are on.
Reversible lane ahead.
The divided highway ends ahead.
2. This sign warns drivers of:
narrow bridge sign
a dip in the road. Drivers should be ready to stop if the dip is filled with water.
a bridge ahead, wide enough to accommodate two lanes of traffic, but with very little clearance.
a reduction of lanes.
3. When drivers see a 'Wrong Way' sign:
they are going the wrong way on an expressway exit ramp.
they must drive past this sign and reach the next intersection.
they must not leave the pavement except in an emergency.
4. This road sign means:
no u turn sign
Left turns are not allowed where this sign is displayed.
Vehicles turning left must make a U-turn.
Drivers cannot make a complete turn to go in the opposite direction.
5. This sign warns drivers of:
narrow bridge sign
a narrow bridge ahead.
low clearance.
a low place in the road.
6. An octagonal sign means that drivers must:
respect the posted speed limit.
come to a complete stop at the marked stop line.
be aware possible hazards ahead.
7. This road sign means:
hill sign
Trucks merging from the right
Trucks have the right-of-way
8. When they see this road sign, drivers must:
wrong way sign
treat it as a Yield sign.
not drive past this sign.
come to a complete stop and call the police.
9. This sign means:
center lane left turns sign
The center lane is shared for left turns.
Left turns in both directions of travel are not permitted.
Vehicles may only turn left.
10. This road sign means the road you're driving on:
double curve sign
turns sharply to the left and then right
turns to the right and then the left
turns only to the left
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GA DMV Knowledge Test Facts

Number of questions: 40
Correct answers to pass:30
Passing score:75%
Signs questions:20
Signs - Correct answers to pass:15
Minimum age to apply: 15
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