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To earn your motorcycle license in Hawaii, you must pass both a knowledge test and an on-cycle skill test. The knowledge test will cover the information from the Hawaii Motorcycle Operator Manual, and requires that you know and understand road rules and safe riding practices. The test consists of 25 questions, and you'll need at least 20 correct answers to pass (80%).
1. Drivers often fail to see a motorcycle headed toward them. Why?
Motorcycles are hard to see.
It is hard to judge how far away a motorcycle is.
All the other answers are correct.
It is difficult to judge a motorcycle's speed.
2. You should use both brakes at the same time:
when riding on hills.
in emergencies only.
None of the other answers is correct.
every time you slow or stop.
3. If the front tire goes flat while riding:
apply the front brake first.
apply the front brake firmly.
gradually apply the rear brake.
apply both brakes at the same time.
4. When you are being passed from behind, you should:
ride on the shoulder of the road.
avoid moving into the portion of the lane farthest from the passing vehicle.
avoid riding in the center of the lane.
swerve as soon as you can.
5. Approach turns and curves with caution. Use these four steps for better control:
1. Look 2. Slow 3. Roll 4. Lean
1. Roll 2. Slow 3. Look 4. Lean
1. Slow 2. Look 3. Lean 4. Roll
1. Lean 2. Look 3. Slow 4. Roll
6. Which of the following is an hazardous place for motorcycles?
School zones.
Rural roads.
7. The front brake is operated by ________________ .
the right foot pedal
the left foot pedal
the left hand lever
the right hand lever
8. Riding a motorcycle is _________________ driving a car.
more tiring than
as tiring as
less tiring than
less tiring during the day than
9. When riding in a group, inexperienced riders should be placed:
in front of the last rider.
in front of the leader.
behind the leader.
in the middle of the group.
10. You should downshift through the gears when you:
are approaching a stop sign.
need more power to accelerate.
need to slow down.
All of the above.
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HI Motorcycle Test Facts

Number of questions: 25
Correct answers to pass:20
Passing score:80%
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