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To obtain a CDL, you will be required to pass a vehicle inspection test. The vehicle inspection test, formerly known as pre-trip, is a skills test to see if you identify which features and equipment on the test vehicle should be inspected before driving. During the test, you will be asked to do an inspection of your vehicle. You will be expected to show your knowledge of the inspection process and you will be tested to see if you know whether your vehicle is safe to drive. During the CDL inspection test, DMV does not allow the use of testing aids, other than the vehicle inspection guide in the Idaho CDL Manual. To prepare for the test, study the following sections of the CDL manual: Driving Safely and the Vehicle Inspection Test. If you do not pass the CDL inspection test, the other skills tests will be postponed.
1. When checking the engine compartment in a vehicle inspection, you should check all of the following except:
Engine oil level
Coolant level in radiator
Spring hangers
2. During the pre-trip inspection, belts should:
be checked for tightness and excessive wear.
not be inspected.
checked for oil pressure.
3. Which of the following is not part of the air brake system?
Air compressor
Air filter
Air storage tanks
4. What is the most important reason for doing a vehicle inspection?
To avoid fines.
Safety for yourself and for other road users.
It's required by law.
5. When checking the engine compartment in a vehicle inspection, you should check all of the following except:
Windshield washer fluid level
Engine oil level
Shock absorbers
6. Which of the following is NOT a key part of the steering system?
Steering shaft
Drag link
7. Name some things you should check on the FRONT of your vehicle during your pre-trip inspection.
U-Bolts, anchor plate and bellows
Low beams, high beams, four-way flashers, and turn signals
Oil, transmission, air compressor, and radiator
8. During the vehicle inspection test, you may be asked to:
check the engine oil level.
change the coolant.
replace the electrical and brake lines.
9. How can you check slack adjusters?
Use gloves and pull hard on each slack adjuster that you can reach.
Turn the electrical power on and step on and off the brake pedal.
Check that the spring brakes come on automatically.
10. Which of the following is a suspension system defect?
Loose exhaust pipes
Leaking brake fluid
Leaking shock absorbers
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ID CDL Inspection Test

Number of questions: 20
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Passing score:80%
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