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Anyone who operates a motor vehicle on the public roads in Idaho is required to have a valid driver's license or learner’s permit. Applicants must be 15 years old or older to take the written knowledge and skills tests. The Idaho written knowledge test will cover the contents of the ID DMV Driver's Manual including road rules, highway signs, traffic signals, pavement markings, safe driving practices and equipment required on motor vehicles. The Idaho DMV written test consists of 40 questions, and you are allowed to miss 6 questions to pass the test.
1. This road sign means:
Slow down or stop
Road narrows ahead
Stop if necessary
2. When you see this sign you should stop and:
check for vehicles in the opposite direction, then proceed.
yield the right-of way to all vehicles coming from the left, then proceed.
check traffic in all direction before proceeding.
yield the right-of way to all vehicles that arrive after you, then proceed.
3. This sign means drivers should:
yield sign
proceed at normal speed through the upcoming intersection.
come to a complete stop and check for oncoming traffic before proceeding.
not drive in this lane.
give the right-of-way to traffic on the road they wish to enter.
4. Drivers must yield for emergency vehicles:
when they see a flashing red or blue light or hear a siren.
only when other vehicles yield.
None of the above.
5. What does a flashing yellow light mean?
flashing yellow light
Warning: hospital ahead.
Drivers may move forward with caution.
The same thing as a stop sign.
All of the above.
6. When driving in fog, drivers should:
use low beam headlights to better illuminate the road ahead.
slow down and drive cautiously.
not use high beam headlights.
All of the above.
7. Which signs have black letters on a yellow or orange background?
Warning signs (diamond)
Railroad advance warning signs (round)
Regulatory signs (vertical rectangle)
None of the above.
8. This sign indicates that:
advisory speed sign
the highest safe speed drivers should travel around the curve ahead is 25 MPH.
drivers may not turn right if traveling at 25 MPH or less.
the safe speed around the curve ahead is at least 25 MPH.
there is a school zone after the curve.
9. A steady green light at intersections means:
You must stop and check for oncoming traffic before proceeding
You may drive through the intersection if the road is clear
You must increase your speed
You may not turn right
10. The driver of an emergency vehicle that uses lights and a siren can legally:
pass red lights.
exceed the speed limit.
go the wrong way.
All of the above.
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ID DMV Knowledge Test

Number of questions: 40
Correct answers to pass:34
Passing score:85%
Minimum age to apply: 14 ½
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