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If you operate a motor vehicle on public roadways in Kentucky you are required to have a driver’s license or driving permit. The KY DMV written test is based on information contained in the official Kentucky Driver's Manual, and is designed to check your knowledge of rules of the road, road signs, traffic laws and safe driving practices. The Kentucky written test consists of 40 multiple-choice questions, and you'll need at least 32 correct answers to pass (80%). Practice with this sample test to familiarize yourself with the format of the Kentucky driver's license test.
1. Drivers may cross a double yellow line to pass another vehicle if:
the yellow line next to their side of the road is broken.
the yellow line next to the other side of the road is broken.
the vehicle ahead moves to the right to let them pass.
2. This sign means:
bicycle crossing sign
The lane ahead is reserved for bicycles.
Bicycles must yield to vehicles ahead.
Warning: a bike-way crosses the roadway ahead.
3. You may drive faster than the posted speed limit:
when passing another vehicle, as long as it is safe to do so.
Under no circumstances.
when your lane is empty.
4. This sign means:
270 degree turn
270 degree turn ahead.
Roundabout ahead.
Wrong way; Turn around immediately.
5. This road sign means:
y intersection
You must bear either right or left
A road joins from the left
A 3-way intersection is ahead
6. A flashing yellow light:
flashing yellow light
is used at dangerous intersections.
warns drivers to proceed with caution.
All of the above.
7. Broken yellow lines:
separate lanes of traffic moving in opposite directions.
separate lanes of traffic moving in the same direction.
indicate you are in a no passing zone.
8. When they see this sign, drivers:
slippery road sign
should be prepared to make sharp turns at a high speed.
should not speed up or brake quickly.
need to be prepared to turn right and then left quickly.
9. When they see this road sign, drivers should:
animal crossing sign
drive carefully because the animal pictured on the sign is extremely rare in the area.
park in the zoo area.
watch for this species crossing the road.
10. This sign means:
slippery road sign
Road slippery when wet. Drive slowly.
The road will curve to the right, then to the left.
Winding road ahead. Drive with caution.
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KY DMV Test Facts

Number of questions: 40
Correct answers to pass:32
Passing score:80%
Minimum age to apply: 16
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