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Anyone who operates a motor vehicle on the public roads in Massachusetts must have a valid driver's license or driving permit. An RMV clerk will screen your vision when you apply for a learner's permit or driver's license. A learner's permit gives you permission to drive while you practice your driving skills and prepare for your road test. The MA RMV written knowledge test measures your understanding of Massachusetts road signs, road rules and safe driving practices. Everything you need to know is covered in the Massachusetts Driver's Manual. The MA RMV knowledge test consists of 25 questions, and you'll need 18 correct answers to pass (72%).
1. This road sign warns drivers that:
pavement ends sign
the dirt on the side of the road is soft.
the road surface ahead changes to a low-type surface or earth road.
vehicles must leave the pavement immediately.
None of the above.
2. This road sign means:
yield sign
You may proceed at regular speed through the intersection
You must come to a complete stop
Wrong Way
Slow down and be prepared to stop if necessary
3. Before backing up, you should:
rely on your mirrors to see if it is clear to proceed.
get off the car to see if it is clear to proceed.
turn your head and look through the rear window.
flash your headlights.
4. This road sign means:
merging traffic sign
Traffic may be merging into your lane
No Right Turn
Winding Road Ahead
Keep right, traffic is entering from another road
5. What type of pavement marking shows you which lane you must use for a turn?
Crosswalk Lines
Edge line
6. You can reduce the chance of a collision with a large vehicle if you:
pay close attention to the turn signals.
pull in front of the large vehicle before you can see the whole front of the vehicle in your mirror.
delay near it.
cut abruptly in front of it.
7. When following a motorcycle, drivers must remember that motorcycles can ____________ than other vehicles.
drive much faster
stop much more slowly
accelerate much faster
stop much more quickly
8. This road sign means:
no right turn sign
No U-turns
All traffic turn right
No right turn
Low clearance
9. A broken white line:
separates two lanes traveling in the same direction.
marks the right edge of the roadway.
means passing or crossing is prohibited in that lane.
None of the above.
10. To avoid having to make an emergency stop while driving in traffic, drivers should:
look ahead and maintain a safe following distance.
drive in the right lane only.
drive slower than the flow of traffic.
sound their horn to warn other drivers.
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MA DMV Written Test Facts

Number of questions: 25
Correct answers to pass:18
Passing score:72%
Minimum age to apply: 16
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