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Any Nebraska resident who operates a motor vehicle on the streets and highways of Nebraska must have a valid driver’s license or learner’s permit. To obtain a driver's license in Nebraska, you’ll be required to complete a data form, a vision test and, in some cases, a driving skills test. The Nebraska DMV written test is designed to check your knowledge of road signs, road rules, traffic laws and safe driving practices. Everything you need to know is covered in the NE DMV Driver’s Manual. The written knowledge test consists of 25 questions, and you need at least 20 correct answers to pass (80%). Practice with this sample test and study the manual to get ready for the official Nebraska DMV driver's license test.
1. While inside the roundabout, you should:
use your left turn signal if you are in position to exit now.
change lanes before you check for vehicles behind you.
remain in your lane until you are ready to exit.
all of the above.
2. A driver approaching a flashing red traffic signal must:
slow down at the traffic signal.
stop before the intersection.
merge to the left.
carefully drive through the intersection without stopping.
3. A flashing red light at an intersection means:
Stop and yield the right of way.
You have the right-of-way.
Come to a complete stop and remain stopped as long as the light is red
Stop and wait for the green light
4. To avoid hydroplaning, drivers should:
slow down.
drive at a constant speed.
apply the brakes firmly.
All of the above.
5. A red traffic sign means?
Construction warning.
Railroad crossing.
Maintenance warning.
6. When double solid yellow lines mark the center of the road and separate oncoming traffic:
passing is permitted on the right.
passing is not allowed in either direction.
passing is permitted on the left.
7. Your license can be suspended if you are under 21 and drive with a blood alcohol level of:
0.08% or more.
any amount.
0.15% or more.
8. Which of the following must you obey over the others?
A steady red light.
A policeman.
A flashing red light.
A stop sign.
9. When you make a left turn from a one-way road into a one-way road, if the road you enter has two lanes, you:
can not turn left.
must go to the next intersection.
must turn into its right lane.
must turn into its left lane.
10. It is a secondary offense to use a handheld wireless communication device while operating a motor vehicle to:
read, type or send written communication.
use as an FM radio.
use as a GPS navigation device.
play music.
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NE DMV Written Test Facts

Number of questions: 25
Correct answers to pass:20
Passing score:80%
Minimum age to apply: 14
Number of questions: 25
Correct answers to pass:20
Passing score:80%
Minimum age to apply: 14
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