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To obtain a CDL, you will be required to pass a vehicle inspection test. The vehicle inspection test, formerly known as pre-trip, is a skills test to see if you identify which features and equipment on the test vehicle should be inspected before driving. During the test, you will be asked to do an inspection of your vehicle. You will be expected to show your knowledge of the inspection process and you will be tested to see if you know whether your vehicle is safe to drive. During the CDL inspection test, DMV does not allow the use of testing aids, other than the vehicle inspection guide in the New Mexico CDL Manual. To prepare for the test, study the following sections of the CDL manual: Driving Safely and the Vehicle Inspection Test. If you do not pass the CDL inspection test, the other skills tests will be postponed.
1. Pre-trip inspections are:
required only for trips of more than 50 miles.
required by law
2. If your vehicle has power steering, during your pre-trip external inspection you must check that:
the engine rpm is down close to idle.
there are no power steering fluid leaks or damage to the power steering hoses.
there are 2 lit red lights indicating it's there.
3. What should be fully engaged with no loose or missing pins in the slide mechanism of the sliding fifth-wheel?
Hitch release lever
Locking pins
Locking jaws
4. During the pre-trip vehicle inspection test, when examining hoses with the examiner, look for:
the temperature gauge.
frays in the water pump belt.
puddles on the ground.
5. Vehicle inspections:
are important because vehicle defects found during an inspection could save you problems later.
should only be done when a vehicle defect is found.
should not be done by the shipper.
6. If the coolant container is not part of the pressurized system:
you should remove the container cap and wait until the system has cooled.
you should never remove the radiator cap or any part of the pressurized system until the system has cooled.
you can safely remove the cap and add coolant even when the engine is hot.
7. When taking the road test, if asked to make a turn you should:
check traffic in all directions.
gradually increase your speed.
only use the turn signal if other vehicles are present.
8. A battery/box check is important. Wherever located, see that battery(ies) are secure, connections are tight, and cell caps are present. Also, make sure that:
battery connections do not show signs of excessive corrosion, and battery box and cover or door is not damaged and is secure.
the battery box and cover or door is open.
battery connections show signs of corrosion.
9. What should you do to test your vehicle's low air pressure warning signal?
With the engine running, put the vehicle in a forward gear and attempt to drive forward.
Pump the brakes until the air pressure drops below 80 psi.
With the key in the "on" or "battery charge" position, rapidly apply and release the foot brake.
10. Wheel bearing seals should be checked for:
twisted axles.
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Inspection Test - NM CDL

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