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Anyone operating a motor vehicle or motorcycle on public roadways in North Carolina must have a driver license or learner’s permit. Driver test requirements include a vision test, a traffic signs test, a knowledge test and a driving test. To pass the signs test, you must identify the traffic signs by color and shape and explain what each means. The North Carolina DMV written test is about road rules and safe driving practices. Everything you need to know is covered in the NC DMV Driver’s Handbook. The DMV test consists of 37 questions. To pass the North Carolina DMV test, you are allowed to miss 3 of the 12 questions about road signs, and 5 of the 25 questions about road rules.
1. The sign in the picture:
maximum recommended speed sign
shows the minimum safe speed for an exit on an highway.
is a warning sign.
lists the maximum recommended safe speed for an exit on an expressway.
shows the highest speed drivers can travel at the exit of the intersection.
2. This road sign means:
You must make a complete stop
Stop if necessary
Yield the right-of-way
Slow down or stop
3. What should drivers do when the red lights begin to flash?
crossbuck sign red lights
Turn off the ignition.
Slow down.
4. This road sign means:
do not enter wrong way
You may proceed if the way is clear
U-turns are prohibited
You are about to enter a one way street the wrong way
All of the above.
5. A flashing red light:
flashing red light
means that you must bring your vehicle to a complete halt.
means the same thing as a stop sign.
is used at dangerous intersections.
All of the above.
6. This road sign means:
merging traffic sign
Intersection ahead
Highway curves ahead
Merging traffic from the right
One-way traffic
7. This sign means:
traffic signal ahead sign
There is a traffic signal ahead
Emergency vehicles ahead
The traffic signal ahead is broken
The traffic signal ahead is red
8. A pedestrian in the crosswalk when the “DON’T WALK” signal begins flashing must:
dont walk flashing
finish crossing the street.
go back and wait the “WALK” light
stop immediately.
yield to other pedestrians.
9. When they see this sign, drivers should:
right curve sign
not turn right.
slow down and keep well to the left.
increase their speed and keep well to the right.
slow down and keep well to the right.
10. This road sign warns drivers that:
two way traffic ahead sign
they are coming to a point where another traffic lane joins the one they are on.
the one-way street or roadway is about to change to two-way traffic.
they cannot go straight ahead.
a divided highway is ahead.
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NC DMV Written Test Facts

Number of questions: 37
Signs questions:12
Correct answers to pass:29
Passing score:78%
Number of questions: 37
Signs questions:12
Correct answers to pass:29
Passing score:78%
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