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Under the laws of Ohio, if you operate any motor vehicle on the streets or highways, you must have a driver’s license or learner's permit. To get a license or learner's permit, you must pass a driver knowledge test on Ohio traffic laws and road signs. The questions are multiple choice and are based on the material in the Ohio Driver's Manual. The Ohio DMV written test is designed to check your knowledge of traffic signs, identification of signals and pavement markings, road rules and safe driving practices. The test consists of 40 questions. To pass the Ohio DMV written test, you are allowed to miss 5 of the 20 questions about road signs, and 5 of the 20 questions about road rules.
1. This road sign means:
hill sign
No trucks allowed
Do not pass trucks
One-way traffic
Steep grade ahead
2. This sign means:
low clearance sign
Narrow bridge ahead. Slow down and drive with caution.
No passing zone ahead.
Do not enter if your vehicle is taller than the height listed on the sign.
None of the above.
3. A 4-way stop sign means:
4 way stop sign
The first vehicle to reach the intersection should move forward first.
Traffic from all four directions must stop.
There are four stop signs at the intersection.
All of the above.
4. This road sign indicates that:
restricted lane ahead sign
a lane is reserved for certain purposes or certain vehicles.
buses and car pools may not travel in the restricted lane.
Vehicles cannot go straight ahead, and must turn either to the right or left.
None of the above.
5. This road sign means:
low shoulder
Buggy warning
Tow away zone
Stop ahead
Low shoulder
6. Regulatory signs are:
white triangles.
white rectangles.
green rectangles.
blue rectangles.
7. This road sign means:
no right turn sign
No U-turns
Right turn permitted on red light
Drivers must turn right
No right turn permitted
8. This road sign means:
no u turn sign
No U-turn
Winding road ahead
Sharp curve ahead
No left turn
9. This sign warns drivers that:
sharp right turn
the road will make a sharp turn to the right.
another road enters the highway from the direction shown.
there is an intersection ahead.
right turns are not allowed.
10. This road sign:
roundabout circle sign
provides an advance notice of a roundabout.
warns drivers of a sharp turn left. Drivers should slow their speed and keep to the left.
warns drivers that U-turns are not permitted.
is a no-right-turns sign.
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OH DMV Practice Test Facts

Number of questions: 40
Correct answers to pass:30
Passing score:75%
Signs questions:20
Signs - Correct answers to pass:15
Minimum age to apply: 15 ½
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