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Rhode Island requires a special license to operate a motorcycle. To earn your motorcycle license, you must complete a motorcycle safety course provided by the Community College of Rhode Island.
1. The front brake is operated by ________________ .
the right hand lever
the left hand lever
the left foot pedal
the right foot pedal
2. As you prepare for your ride, tell your passenger to:
put their feet on the ground at stops.
keep their legs close to the muffler(s).
wear a seat belt.
hold firmly onto your waist, hips, belt or passenger handholds.
3. When riding in a group, motoryclists should ride in a single-file formation:
when entering a highway.
on highways.
at all times.
in school zones.
4. The best lane position for a motorcycle:
is in the right part of the lane, next to the curb.
can vary depending on road and/or traffic conditions.
is the center lane position.
is in the left part of the lane, next to the center line.
5. If the traffic situation allows, the ___________ lane position is usually the best place for you to be seen.
right or left
6. You should check your tires:
once a week.
every time you ride your motorcycle.
once a year.
once a month.
7. Which brake is more important?
The rear because it provides 75% of the stopping power.
The front because it provides 75% of the stopping power.
The front because it prevents skidding.
The rear because it prevents skidding.
8. To increase your visibility to other drivers, you should:
Reduce your following distance.
Use your high beam.
Wear reflective clothing.
Avoid wearing reflective clothing.
9. When riding, you should:
turn just your head and eyes to look where you are going.
keep your knees away from the gas tank.
turn your head and shoulders to look through turns.
keep your arms straight.
10. If you are chased by a dog:
approach the animal slowly, then speed up.
swerve around the animal.
kick it away.
stop until the animal loses interest.
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RI DMV Motorcycle Test

Number of questions: 25
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