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Every person who operates a motor vehicle on Alaska streets and highways must have a valid Alaska driver’s license or learner’s permit. A vision test is required of each driver before any license or permit is issued. The AK DMV written test covers the information found in the State of Alaska Driver’s Manual, including traffic laws, road rules, safe driving practices, and road signs. The knowledge test consists of 20 questions. To pass the written test, you must score 80% or higher (at least 16 correct answers).
1. The driver of an emergency vehicle that uses lights and a siren can legally:
go the wrong way.
pass red lights.
exceed the speed limit
All of the above.
2. A red flashing signal means the same as a:
stop sign.
yield sign.
caution sign.
red light.
3. Alcohol:
reduces reaction time.
makes it difficult for drivers to judge their condition.
makes drivers more prone to take chances.
All of the above.
4. A red traffic sign means?
Do not enter.
Wrong way.
All of the above.
5. When a vehicle displaying a flashing blue or red light is approaching, drivers must:
pull over to the side and stop clear of any intersection.
drive to the nearest intersection and stop.
slow down and drive with caution.
stop where they are.
6. What is the meaning of orange traffic signs?
Stop, do not enter or wrong way.
Construction and maintenance warning.
Warning of school, pedestrian, and bicycling activity.
7. Tailgating other drivers:
cannot result in traffic violation.
reduces collisions by preventing from being cut off.
is a defensive driving tecnique.
can frustrate other drivers and make them angry.
8. Before turning, you should:
increase your speed.
turn the wheel.
use your signal.
change lanes.
9. In case of skidding, drivers should NOT:
tap the gas pedal with their foot.
take their foot off the gas pedal.
steer the car into the direction of the skid.
pump the brakes gently if they are about to hit something.
10. The amount of space you need to cross traffic depends on the:
road and weather conditions and oncoming traffic.
cars behind you.
presence of a stop sign.
use of your turn signals.
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AK DMV Practice Test Facts

Number of questions: 20
Correct answers to pass:16
Passing score:80%
Number of questions: 20
Correct answers to pass:16
Passing score:80%
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