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Anyone who operates a motor vehicle or motorcycle on public roadways in the District of Columbia is required to have a driver’s license or learner’s permit. To obtain a DC driver license, you must successfully complete a knowledge test, skills road test and vision screening. The written test is based on the information contained in the District of Columbia DMV Driving Manual, and is designed to check your knowledge of rules of the road, traffic laws, road signs, and safe driving practices. The official DC DMV test consists of 25 questions. A passing score consists of at least 20 correct answers (80%).
1. If a vehicle suddenly cuts in front of you creating a hazard, you should first:
Swerve into the lane next to you.
Sound your horn and step on the brake firmly.
Take your foot off the gas pedal.
2. When you make a left turn from a one-way road into a two-way road, you must:
make a U-turn into the two-way road.
turn left into the one-way road.
enter the two-way road to the right of its center line.
enter the two-way road to the left of its center line.
3. What does a red arrow on a traffic light mean?
You may proceed slowly through the intersection.
You must stop and then proceed when the way is clear.
You may turn in the direction of the arrow.
You must stop. Do not go in the direction of the arrow until a green light or arrow light goes on.
4. Drivers may legally block an intersection:
under no circumstances.
only after entering the intersection on a green light.
only during rush hour traffic.
5. When passing you should NOT:
leave less than 4 feet of space between your vehicle and the vehicle you are passing.
look in your rearview mirrors and glance over your shoulder before pulling out to pass.
go far enough past the vehicle you are passing so that you can see the vehicle in your inside rearview mirror.
signal left to let others know that you will be pulling out.
6. Night driving can be more difficult because:
the ratio of motorcyles to cars is much higher at night.
vehicle operators tend to drive faster at night.
speed limits do not apply at night.
visibility is reduced.
7. This sign means:
divided highway ahead sign
Roundabout ahead. Slow down.
Intersection ahead.
The highway ahead is divided into two one-way roadways.
The divided highway on which drivers are traveling ends ahead.
8. It is legal to make a left turn at a red light after stopping if:
you yield to all other traffic at the intersection before proceeding.
you are traveling on a one-way street and turning onto another one-way street.
you are traveling on a two-way street and turning onto a two-way street.
9. This sign indicates that:
hill sign
there is a steep hill ahead.
trucks are merging from the right.
there's a side road ahead.
there are trucks on the hill.
10. This road sign means:
road construction
No parking
Detour ahead
Road construction ahead
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DC DMV Test Facts

Number of questions: 25
Correct answers to pass:20
Passing score:80%
Minimum age to apply: 16
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