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You must have a Louisiana driver's license or driving permit if you are a resident of Louisiana and want to drive a motor vehicle on public streets and highways. The following tests may be given when you apply for a driver’s license: vision, traffic signs and signals, knowledge of traffic laws, road skills. The Louisiana DMV written test is designed to check your knowledge of road signs, rules of the road, traffic laws and safe driving practices. Everything you will need to know is covered in the Louisiana Driver's Manual. The Louisiana DMV written test consists of 40 questions, and you'll need at least 32 correct answers to pass (80%).
1. The effects of alcohol on driving include:
Better reflexes.
Improved coordination.
None of the above.
Improved judgement.
2. When driving on slick roads, drivers should:
drive as they would on dry roads.
accelerate quickly.
take turns more slowly.
use alternate routes.
3. The first sign drivers see when approaching a highway-rail intersection is usually:
an advance warning sign.
a crossbuck sign.
a speed limit sign.
a stop sign.
4. Drivers may pass another vehicle if the line dividing two lanes is a ________ line.
solid yellow
double solid yellow
broken white
solid white
5. This sign means:
traffic signal ahead sign
You must stop ahead
Traffic signals ahead
Speeding is not allowed
You must yield the right-of-way ahead
6. Before passing another vehicle, you should signal:
just before changing lanes.
early enough so other drivers know your intention.
at any time.
after changing lanes.
7. A flashing yellow light means:
Proceed with caution
Pedestrian crossing
Come to a full stop
Merging traffic ahead
8. When you prepare to make a left turn from a one-way road into a two-way road, you must:
approach the turn in the right lane or from the right side of a single lane.
enter the two-way road to the left of its center line.
approach the turn in the left lane or from the left side of a single lane.
None of the above.
9. What is the most important rule to remember in any emergency?
Run away.
Do not panic.
Do not move.
Call the police.
10. This sign tells drivers that:
must turn sign
left and right turns are not allowed.
they cannot go straight ahead.
a divided highway is ahead.
they must stop at the next intersection.
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LA DMV Knowledge Test Facts

Number of questions: 40
Correct answers to pass:32
Passing score:80%
Minimum age to apply: 15
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