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You must obtain a learner's permit before you operate a motor vehicle on public roadways in Pennsylvania. You will need to take and pass the vision, knowledge and road tests to get your driver’s license. The Pennsylvania DMV written test covers the information found in the Pennsylvania Driver's Manual, and includes questions on road rules, traffic laws, road signs and markings, and safe driving practices. The PA DMV written test consists of 18 questions, and you'll need at least 15 correct answers to pass (83%). After passing the DMV knowledge test, the examiner will give you a learner's permit, which is valid for 1 year.
1. The effect that lack of sleep has on your safe driving ability is the same as:
the effect that amphetamines have.
the effect that alcohol has.
the effect that aggressive driving has.
the effect that lack of coffee has.
2. A yellow arrow means:
The same as a steady yellow light.
If you intend to turn in the direction of the arrow, be prepared to stop.
Do not go in the direction of the arrow.
None of the above.
3. What type of pavement marking shows you which lane you must use for a turn?
Edge line
Crosswalk Lines
4. A vehicle is stopped at a crosswalk to allow a pedestrian to cross the roadway. The driver of the vehicle approaching from the rear should:
sound the horn.
not overtake and pass the stopped vehicle.
overtake and pass the stopped vehicle.
None of the above.
5. What happens if two vehicles reach at the same time an intersection with four-way stop signs?
The driver on the right yields to the driver on the left.
Rounabout rules apply.
The first vehicle to reach the intersection must yield.
The driver on the left yields to the driver on the right.
6. It is important for drivers to know that trucks:
are as maneuverable as cars.
take longer than cars to stop.
require less time to pass on an incline than cars.
are easier for the driver to operate.
7. This sign indicates:
slow moving vehicle sign
A slow-moving vehicle
A no-passing zone
A shared lane
8. If your turn signals fail, you should use _____ to indicate your intention to turn.
hand signals
your horn
your high beams
your emergency flashers
9. You must come to a full stop at a yield sign:
If traffic conditions require it.
Before you decrease speed and reach the intersection.
10. Left turns on a red light are allowed:
in school zones.
at intersections, after stopping, if the way is clear.
from a one-way street into a one-way street.
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PA DMV Written Test

Number of questions: 18
Correct answers to pass:15
Passing score:83%
Minimum age to apply: 16
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