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You must obtain a learner's permit before you operate a motor vehicle on public roadways in Pennsylvania. You will need to take and pass the vision, knowledge and road tests to get your driver’s license. The Pennsylvania DMV written test covers the information found in the Pennsylvania Driver's Manual, and includes questions on road rules, traffic laws, road signs and markings, and safe driving practices. The PA DMV written test consists of 18 questions, and you'll need at least 15 correct answers to pass (83%). After passing the DMV knowledge test, the examiner will give you a learner's permit, which is valid for 1 year.
1. If you hear a thumping sound while driving, you should:
try your emergency lights.
get off the road and check your tires.
pull the steering wheel back.
hook your shoe under the gas pedal and see if you can free it.
2. What is the meaning of red traffic signs?
Stop, do not enter or wrong way.
School ahead.
High emphasis warning.
3. Alcohol:
makes it difficult for drivers to judge their condition.
increases reaction time.
makes drivers more prone to take chances.
All of the above.
4. Before backing up, you should:
turn your head and look through the rear window.
rely on your mirrors to see if it is clear to proceed.
flash your headlights.
get off the car to see if it is clear to proceed.
5. If the truck ahead swings right before making a left turn at an intersection, it is very dangerous to:
sound your horn at the truck driver.
yield the right-of-way to the truck driver.
stop behind the truck until it has completed the turn.
try to squeeze between the truck and curb to make a left turn.
6. This road sign means:
right curve sign
Curve ahead
Wrong Way
Merging Traffic
Road work ahead
7. The yield sign means:
yield sign
Go. The light will soon be red.
Stop if you can.
If the way is clear, you may move forward slowly without stopping.
8. The yield sign is ___ and white, with ___ letters.
red; red
blue; white
yellow; black
red; white
9. This sign warns of a ________ ahead.
hill sign
soft shoulder
no passing zone
10. If a traffic officer signals you to drive through a red light:
you must call the police.
you must not obey the officer. Signs and signals take precedence over directions given by traffic officers.
you must do it.
you must wait for the red light to turn green.
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PA DMV Test Facts

Number of questions: 18
Correct answers to pass:15
Passing score:83%
Minimum age to apply: 16
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