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Anyone operating a motor vehicle or motorcycle on public roadways in South Carolina must have a driver license or learner's permit. To apply for a learner's permit, you must be 15 years of age or older. You must provide a birth certificate, proof of residency, social security card or equivalent, and must pass the vision and knowledge tests. The South Carolina written knowledge test covers the contents of the South Carolina Driver's Manual, and includes questions on road signs, road rules and safe driving practices. The SC DMV written test consists of 30 questions, and you'll need at least 24 correct answers to pass (80% or higher). Practice with this sample DMV test to get ready for the official South Carolina driver's license test.
1. Speed limit signs are:
regulatory signs
service signs
warning signs
2. When driving at night, drivers should:
look directly into the oncoming headlights of approaching vehicles.
always use their high beams.
increase their following distance.
3. This sign warns drivers of:
narrow bridge sign
a narrow bridge ahead.
low clearance.
a low place in the road.
4. This signal means:
flag stop
Slow down
Move to the left
5. Which statement about tires is true?
Tires with low air pressure have better traction, particularly when driving on wet pavement.
High speed reduces stress and strain on tires.
The tires on your vehicle must have good treads and otherwise be in safe condition.
6. In heavy rain, tires can begin to ride on the water that is on top of the road pavement. This is called:
7. The picture shows a _________ sign.
no u turn sign
no U-turn
no left turn
sharp turn
8. The yield sign means:
yield sign
Drive with caution in wet weather.
You must come to a complete stop.
Slow down and give vehicles crossing your path the right-of-way.
9. Driving at excessive speed:
does not increase the chance of a crash.
improves your reaction time.
often leads to high-risk decision-making.
10. What is the first thing to do when you make a three-point turn?
Signal with your left turn signal, then check carefully for traffic coming toward you.
Signal with your right turn signal, then pull over to the right and stop.
Turn left, go across the road so you come to a stop while you face the edge of the road.
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SC DMV Written Test

Number of questions: 30
Correct answers to pass:24
Passing score:80%
Minimum age to apply: 15
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