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Anyone operating a motor vehicle or motorcycle on public roadways in South Carolina must have a driver license or learner's permit. To apply for a learner's permit, you must be 15 years of age or older. You must provide a birth certificate, proof of residency, social security card or equivalent, and must pass the vision and knowledge tests. The South Carolina written knowledge test covers the contents of the South Carolina Driver's Manual, and includes questions on road signs, road rules and safe driving practices. The SC DMV written test consists of 30 questions, and you'll need at least 24 correct answers to pass (80% or higher). Practice with this sample DMV test to get ready for the official South Carolina driver's license test.
1. What does a flashing left yellow arrow mean?
flashing left yellow arrow
Only right turns are allowed.
Vehicles turning left must stop if they can. The light will soon be red.
Left turns are allowed. Yield to oncoming traffic and pedestrians.
2. Drivers often fail to see a motorcycle headed toward them. Why?
It is difficult to judge a motorcycle's speed.
Motorcycles are hard to see.
All of the above.
3. What is the main reason night driving is more difficult than daytime driving?
Reduced visibility.
Driving within the range.
The use of headlight is required by law.
4. Before changing lanes or attempting to pass another vehicle, you should:
Check your blind spots and mirrors.
signal your intention before changing lanes.
All of the above.
5. Who has a greater risk of being involved in a traffic crash?
Young people.
Drivers who are driving alone.
All of the above.
6. There is no crosswalk and a pedestrian is crossing your lane ahead. You should:
slow down as you pass the pedestrian.
make eye contact and then pass the pedestrian.
stop and let the pedestrian finish crossing the street.
7. At a stop sign there is no stop line or crosswalk. You must stop:
before you enter the intersection.
at the next crosswalk.
after you enter the intersection, if you have a clear view of traffic on the intersecting roadway.
8. When you pass another vehicle, before you return to the right lane, you must:
look at your interior rear-view mirror.
All of the above.
9. A steady yellow light means:
Be prepared to stop for the red light.
Be prepared to go. The light will soon be green.
Drive with caution.
10. What is the slow moving vehicle symbol?
A reflective yellow diamond
A reflective orange triangle
A reflective white triangle
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SC DMV Knowledge Test Facts

Number of questions: 30
Correct answers to pass:24
Passing score:80%
Minimum age to apply: 15
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