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To obtain a CDL, you will be required to pass a vehicle inspection test. The vehicle inspection test, formerly known as pre-trip, is a skills test to see if you identify which features and equipment on the test vehicle should be inspected before driving. During the test, you will be asked to do an inspection of your vehicle. You will be expected to show your knowledge of the inspection process and you will be tested to see if you know whether your vehicle is safe to drive. During the CDL inspection test, DMV does not allow the use of testing aids, other than the vehicle inspection guide in the Virginia CDL Manual. To prepare for the test, study the following sections of the CDL manual: Driving Safely and the Vehicle Inspection Test. If you do not pass the CDL inspection test, the other skills tests will be postponed.
1. Which of the following is NOT a key part of the steering system?
Drag link
Steering shaft
2. All CDL vehicle inspection tests include:
an engine inspection and tire check.
an engine start and in-cab inspection.
an engine start and an inspection of the entire vehicle.
3. During a pre-trip inspection, when checking the power steering hoses, you should:
look for broken or distorted coil springs.
check that the brake chambers are not leaking.
check for leaks.
4. What maintains air pressure in the air brake system?
Alternator belt
Power steering fluid
Air compressor
5. During a walk around inspection, which of the following should you check?
Condition of the front axle.
Shock absorber condition.
All of the above.
6. To check the automatic transmission fluid:
you must go down grades.
the engine may have to be running.
the wheel nuts must be loose.
7. To check the signal lights, do the following:
Turn off all the lights, turn on the stop lights, and turn on the left turn signal lights.
Turn off all the lights, turn on the right turn signal lights, and turn on the stop lights.
Turn on all the lights, turn off the stop lights, and turn off the left turn signal lights.
8. Vehicle inspections should be done routinely _______ operating the vehicle.
9. When taking the road test, after driving under an overpass, you may be asked:
how wide the overpass was.
what the posted clearance or height was.
what the weight limit was.
10. When performing the stop/start maneuver during the skills test, you should:
decelerate smoothly.
apply the brakes as hard as you can without locking the wheels.
activate your left turn signal.
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Inspection Test - VA CDL

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