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Any resident of the State who wishes to operate a motor vehicle in Maine is required to have a Maine driver’s license or learner’s driving permit. The examination process includes a written test, a vision screening and a road test. The ME DMV written test measures your understanding and knowledge of road signs, traffic laws, driving skills and vehicle handling. Everything you will need to know is covered in the Maine DMV Driver’s Manual. The DMV written test consists of 60 questions. To pass the knowledge test, you are allowed to miss 2 of the 10 questions about road signs, and 10 of the 50 questions about road rules.
1. You should increase your following distance when:
following a motorcycle.
exiting an expressway.
driving behind a large vehicle that blocks your vision.
All of the above.
2. At intersections marked with stop lines, drivers must:
enter the intersection and then stop.
signal other vehicles to stop.
come to a complete stop.
slow down and enter the intersection.
3. When is it safe to pass another vehicle?
Whenever signs and/or roadway markings permit passing other vehicles.
When entering a curve and there are no oncoming vehicles.
When driving through an intersection and there are no oncoming vehicles.
4. What should you do if your rear wheels start to skid?
If the vehicle has ABS, pump the pedal carefully.
Turn the steering wheel in the direction the vehicle is trying to go.
Take your foot off the gas and shift to neutral.
Steer left if your rear wheels slide right.
5. When in a vehicle, wear a seat belt:
on high-speed highways.
on long trips.
all the time.
6. When driving on the freeway behind a large truck, you should:
drive farther behind the truck than for a passenger vehicle.
drive closer behind the truck than for a passenger vehicle.
drive to the right side of the truck and wait to pass.
7. Should your wheels drop off the roadway or pavement edge, you should:
wait until it is safe to do so, then turn gradually back onto the roadway.
turn back onto the roadway immediately.
8. To avoid being in a truck driver’s blind spot and help them see, you should:
never pass them.
sound your horn.
flash your lights.
avoid driving on either side and don’t tailgate.
9. To drive more safely at night:
increase following distance.
make sure your headlights are working properly.
don’t drive when you are tired.
All of the above.
10. You are approaching an intersection with a traffic signal indicating a steady yellow light. If you have not already entered the intersection, you should:
reduce you speed and proceed carefully through the intersection.
stop before entering the intersection if it is safe to do so.
speed up to beat the red light.
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ME DMV Written Test Facts

Number of questions: 60
Signs questions:10
Correct answers to pass:48
Passing score:80%
Minimum age to apply: 15
Number of questions: 60
Signs questions:10
Correct answers to pass:48
Passing score:80%
Minimum age to apply: 15
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