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Any resident of the State who wishes to operate a motor vehicle in Maine is required to have a Maine driver’s license or learner’s driving permit. The examination process includes a written test, a vision screening and a road test. The ME DMV written test measures your understanding and knowledge of road signs, traffic laws, driving skills and vehicle handling. Everything you will need to know is covered in the Maine Driver's Manual. The DMV written test consists of 60 questions. To pass the knowledge test, you are allowed to miss 2 of the 10 questions about road signs, and 10 of the 50 questions about road rules.
1. When two cars arrive at an intersection with no signs or signals at the same time, which car has the right-of-way?
The car in which the driver sounds the horn.
The car approaching from the left.
The car approaching from the right.
The car that is traveling faster.
2. Where there is no bicycle lane, where on the road must a bicyclist ride?
near the right curb or edge of the road.
on the left shoulder of the road.
near the left edge of the road.
None of the above.
3. When approaching someone using a white cane, you should proceed with caution because:
the pedestrian might be using a guide dog.
the pedestrian might be blind.
the pedestrian is blind.
the pedestrian is deaf.
4. You should increase your following distance:
when the road is slippery.
at night or if it is raining.
All of the above.
5. Drivers should use the horn:
when feeling angry or upset.
to alert other drivers that they made a mistake.
only when necessary, to avoid collisions.
if a driver is moving slowly, and you want them to drive faster.
6. As your speed increases it is most important to:
look farther ahead.
keep your foot on the brake pedal.
drive with one hand on steering wheel.
7. A flashing red light means:
The same as a STOP sign.
Slow down before entering.
The traffic signal is broken.
The light will soon change to steady red.
8. At intersections with a yield sign, you must:
slow down and proceed.
yield the right-of-way to cross traffic close enough to cause conflict.
yield to the vehicles on your left only.
9. This road sign means:
narrow bridge sign
Low clearance
Construction site ahead
Pavement is narrowing
Narrow bridge ahead
10. This road sign means:
divided highway ahead sign
One-way street ends
One-way street begins
Divided highway ends
Divided highway begins
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ME DMV Written Test Facts

Number of questions: 60
Correct answers to pass:48
Passing score:80%
Signs questions:10
Signs - Correct answers to pass:8
Minimum age to apply: 15
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