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To apply for a learner permit or driver license in New York State (NYS), you must complete an Application for Driver License (MV-44). You must pass a vision and written test and pay the application and license fees. The NY DMV written test covers the contents of the New York Driver's Manual, including road rules, road signs, driving under the influence of alcohol or other drugs, as well as other driving and safety rules. The New York State knowledge test consists of 20 multiple choice questions. To pass the NYS DMV test, you must correctly answer at least 14 questions, and at least 2 of the 4 questions about road signs.
1. The yield sign means:
yield sign
You must come to a complete stop.
The traffic light will soon be red.
Slow down and give vehicles crossing your path the right-of-way.
Drive with caution in wet weather.
2. Is chemical test evidence required to prove you were driving while impaired or intoxicated?
Yes, and a BAC test is also required.
No. The testimony of a police officer about the way you drive, your behavior when arrested is enough.
No, but a breath or blood test is required.
3. If you are in a crash you must:
leave the scene if the crash involves only property damage.
stop, unless the incident involves a fatality.
call your insurance company immediately.
4. If a traffic officer signals you to drive through a red light:
you must not obey the officer. Signs and signals take precedence over directions given by traffic officers.
you must call the police.
you must wait for the red light to turn green.
you must do it.
5. Which of the following is true about the Anti-Locking Brake System?
Can help improve vehicle stability.
It prevents skidding.
It allows drivers to steer during an emergency braking situation.
All of the above.
6. On what three conditions does your blood alcohol content (BAC) depend?
Your weight. How much alcohol you drink. How much time passes between drinks.
How fit you are. How much alcohol you drink. Your height.
Your weight. The type of beverage you drink. How fit you are.
Your height. How much alcohol you drink. The type of beverage you drink.
7. The BAC standards and penalties for commercial drivers are:
not applied to truck drivers with 20+ years driving experience.
equally tough.
8. A flashing red light:
flashing red light
means the same thing as a stop sign.
means that you must bring your vehicle to a complete halt.
is used at dangerous intersections.
All of the above.
9. A driver who approaches an intersection:
has the right-of-way over traffic already in the intersection.
must drive straight through the intersection, even if another vehicle is already in the intersection.
must yield the right-of-way to traffic already in the intersection.
None of the above.
10. When driving at night, you should:
make sure your windshield is clean.
keep the interior roof light off.
dim the dashboard lights.
All of the above.
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NY DMV Permit Test Facts

Number of questions: 20
Correct answers to pass:14
Passing score:70%
Signs questions:4
Signs - Correct answers to pass:2
Minimum age to apply: 16
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