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To apply for a learner permit or driver license in New York State (NYS), you must complete an Application for Driver License (MV-44). You must pass a vision and written test and pay the application and license fees. The NY DMV written test covers the contents of the New York Driver's Manual, including road rules, road signs, driving under the influence of alcohol or other drugs, as well as other driving and safety rules. The New York State knowledge test consists of 20 multiple choice questions. To pass the NYS DMV test, you must correctly answer at least 14 questions, and at least 2 of the 4 questions about road signs.
1. When a hazard is seen ahead, reaction distance:
is the sum of perception distance and braking distance.
equals total stopping distance minus perception distance.
is how far a vehicle will continue to travel, in ideal conditions, before the driver hits the brakes.
None of the above.
2. The NYS law requires drivers to use their headlights when visibility is less than:
200 feet
3,000 feet
1,000 feet
500 feet
3. Blind spots are:
Dangerous intersection where the maximum speed limit is 15 MPH or less.
Areas to the side or rear of a vehicle that the driver cannot see with use of mirrors.
Lanes reserved for U-turns.
At night, the darkest areas of a road, where emergency flashers should be used.
4. If traffic on the other side of an intersection is backed up and you cannot get completely through, you must:
enter the intersection and proceed with caution.
enter the intersection and try to avoid blocking it.
wait until traffic ahead is clear.
turn right instead of going straight through the intersection.
5. When following a motorcycle, drivers must remember that motorcycles can ____________ than other vehicles.
stop much more slowly
accelerate much faster
stop much more quickly
drive much faster
6. At night, headlights cover about ___feet ahead
7. What color are front fog lights?
Amber or white.
Red or amber.
White or red.
8. What should you do if one of your tires blows out?
Leave the road immediately.
Decrease speed, pull over to the right and sound your horn to warn the other vehicles.
Hold the steering wheel tight and slowly take your foot off the gas pedal.
Hold the steering wheel tight and brake immediately to avoid the risk of skidding.
9. What is the most important rule to remember in any emergency?
Run away.
Call the police.
Do not panic.
Do not move.
10. You can pass on the right:
when passing is restricted by parked cars.
when a vehicle ahead makes a left turn.
when a vehicle ahead makes a right turn.
when a vehicle that is approaching from the opposite direction is prepared to turn left.
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NY DMV Knowledge Test

Number of questions: 20
Correct answers to pass:14
Passing score:70%
Signs questions:4
Signs - Correct answers to pass:2
Minimum age to apply: 16
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