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To drive in Wyoming, you must have a valid driver’s license, instruction permit, intermediate license or restricted license. To obtain a Wyoming driver’s license, you must pass a vision screening, a written test and a driving test. The Wyoming written test covers the contents of the Wyoming Driver's Manual, and includes questions on road signs and signals, pavement markings, road rules, and safe driving practices. The WY DOT knowledge test consists of 50 questions, and you'll need at least 40 correct answers to pass (80%). Practice with this sample test to get ready for the official Wyoming DOT test.
1. When approaching a highway-rail intersection, the first sign drivers see is usually:
a stop sign.
a yield sign.
an RXR round sign on a yellow background.
2. You reach an intersection that is not controlled at the same time as a driver on your right, and both of you prepare to go straight. Who has the right-of-way?
The other driver.
No one.
3. What do flashing red lights on a school bus indicate?
The bus is stopped to load or discharge passengers.
The bus is about to stop.
Traffic that approaches from either direction may proceed.
4. After you have parallel parked, are you allowed to open a door on the road side of your vehicle?
Yes, but only if it does not interfere with bicyclists and other traffic.
Yes, always.
No, never.
5. A broken yellow line on your side of the roadway only means:
Passing is permitted on both sides.
Passing is permitted on your side of the roadway.
Passing is not permitted on either side.
6. When changing lanes:
slow down and check your left mirror.
change lane before checking the inside rearview mirror.
look over your shoulder to make sure no one is in the blind spot.
7. What does BAC stand for?
Blood Alcohol Concentration
Blood Alcohol Content
Blood Alcohol Commission
8. Most signs used in street work areas are:
diamond shaped.
rectangle shaped.
9. This is the shape and color of a ________ sign.
yield sign
do not enter
10. Traffic lights are normally ____________ from the top to bottom or left to right.
red, green and yellow
red, yellow and green
green, yellow and red
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WY DMV Test Facts

Number of questions: 50
Correct answers to pass:40
Passing score:80%
Minimum age to apply: 15
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